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A Quality Future for Mountaineers and Hill-Walkers

The North East Mountain Trust is an association of climbers and hill walkers in north east Scotland. It is a recognised charity whose main aim is to conserve the environment of the hills of north east Scotland for the benefit of the public wishing to take recreation there, both now and in the future.

The Trust resists inappropriate skiing development in sensitive areas, particularly where it damages landscape quality, restricts access and disturbs wildlife.
We campaign for the protection of our native pine forests and support action to control red deer populations which prevent their regeneration. We encourage forestry management which is sensitive to Scotland's unique landscape and wildlife heritage.
Rights of Way
The Trust works to preserve the network of paths and rights of way and supports management measures which help limit footpath erosion.
Bulldozed Tracks
We are totally opposed to the proliferation of bulldozed hill tracks so often a blight on the landscape and which contribute to the problems of soil erosion. We favour enforcement of existing legislation which limits the use of motorised vehicles in the hills.
Sea Cliffs
The North East sea cliffs are a valuable recreational amenity which should not be despoiled by quarrying and dumping. The Trust aims to ensure that access is unimpeded, especially to traditional climbing areas.

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