Alex Scott

Spring brings the opportunity to undertake bothy work and the two main projects involve the refurbishment of Gelder Shiel at Balmoral led by the Ballater Cheils and the rebuilding of the fallen gable of Faindouran in Glen Avon.

Faindouran Lodge © A McQuiston

These major projects however are taken along with the constant repair and maintenance of the other bothies in the eastern highlands area including Tarf Hotel, Callater and Shiel of Glenmark. There is also a dedicated band of brothers who undertake the maintenance of Corrour bothy which includes the change of toilet bags over the summer season. In Glen Feshie, Ruigh Aitcheachain is still awaiting renovation to be undertaken by the estate and the bothy may be closed at short notice to allow this work to be done.

All the bothies in the MBA eastern highlands area have at least one maintenance officer and there is a motivated and skilled group of enthusiasts willing and able to carry out work ranging from minor repairs to major building work. The spring meeting of the eastern highlands group is to be at Allt Sheichichan bothy near Blair Atholl over the weekend of 17-19 April which will firm up on this year's work programme.

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