Alison Mitchell

There are five Forums which have been set up in our area - Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Moray, Angus and the Cairngorms National Park, all of which are tackling different areas of work and have from time to time required to advertise for new forum members to increase representation from constituent groups of interest.

The Forums were set up by Local Authorities and the Park Board following the implementation of the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill 2003. They are responsible for bringing together parties to develop and manage access, they are advisory bodies working to develop understanding, develop consensus and promote co-operation in access management.

They work closely with Local Authority and Park Planning staff and normally meet at regular intervals during the year. Representatives from the four main strands of interest groups form the Forum: access users, community interests, land managers and agency representatives e.g. NHS, Forestry Commission etc. Not all Forums have all the strands represented. There is rarely competition for a place on a Forum and a variety of different interests have been represented over the years since their formation. Representatives from the disabled community, those with mobility scooters or with poor eyesight have added greatly to the work of the Forum.

Important work had been completed on Core Path Plans but there are is still plenty of business to be conducted. Several of the Forums have arranged Annual Get together to highlight the work done to other access users.

Contact your Local Authority Access Officers for more information:

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