Grant Moir, CEO of CNPA

The North East Mountain Trust is forty years old and that should be celebrated. Democracy only functions if people take part, and the Trustees and members who over the years have campaigned, written letters, participated in consultations and attended meetings have all stood up and taken part. I have been with the Cairngorms National Park Authority for 7 years and throughout that time NEMT has been a constructive thorn in my side. That is a good thing. We need people to care about the mountains, and the Cairngorms, in my opinion, is Scotland’s most iconic and treasured mountain range. The management of the Park is a complex business and NEMT have shown consistency of principle in trying to protect and enhance the area so that people in the future can enjoy it all as we have The long walks, the expanding forests, the incredible nature, the pure rivers and the big skies.

NEMT has been at my door on ski development, hill tracks, land management and many more issues where we can do better but it has always done this in a constructive, (and in this day and age most welcome) civilised tone. We may not always agree and no doubt we sometimes drive each other crazy but a National Park without people who are passionate about its future is not a Park at all.

I look forward to working with NEMT for many years to come, give thanks to all the volunteers and hope that you will continue to keep the CNPA on its toes. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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